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January 31 2011,

Having the right software is almost as important as having the right ideas in the Internet marketing business.

Internet marketing is a highly competitive business, with legions of other players seeking to get the dollar that you’re chasing. To succeed, you have to have every edge you can get. That’s why having reliable, useful and efficient software is so important.

James Schramko, a respected international Internet marketer, recently reviewed several applications for the Imac.

Dropbox is a content management device that allows for easy transfer of files between sites. The program allows users to share files and folders via the Internet using file synchronization. For marketers with many sites, this program is a must as it allows quicker building and rebuilding of sites.

Call Recorder is a Skype application that allows you to record Skype conversations. This is a great tool if you want to record Skype conversations for future use as webinar material.

If you have trouble keeping up with the multiple passwords for your various Internet services, 1 Password is great because it can help reduce your need to memorize passwords, saving you time and frustration.

Another great tool is iWork, which is a suite of office applications that allows you to perform several tasks, such as word processing, building slideshows, etc.

Screenflow lets users capture screens to make video products. Users of Screenflow can use the program to build a keynote slideshow and more. Building high quality sales and education videos is an emerging and increasingly important niche in the Internet marketing game.

iSkysoft Video Converter is another great application that can allow you to convert keynote presentations into a variety of different formats. This can come in very handy for Internet marketers.

Bucket Explorer allows for easier management of media files when you’re building and using interviews, webinars and podcasts. It’s simple and intuitive.

With these powerful tools at your disposal, Internet marketers can reduce quite a bit of time and frustration involved in building and maintaining their pages and products.

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