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July 13 2011,

Internet marketers require continuing Internet marketing education to keep abreast of the latest tools, strategies, and other developments in the business. Internet marketing training is available online through various information products and modes of delivery such as training courses, ebooks, videos, webinars and online mentoring sessions. Each of these products is a good source of information but often focus on a specific aspect of Internet marketing unlike the comprehensive Fast Web Formula 3. A brainchild of leading Internet marketing expert James Schramko, this 3-day workshop teaches participants how to make money online the fast and effective way.

About Fast Web Formula

James Schramko started holding training workshops a few years ago where he shared and released his mindmap for business success which he himself uses to this day. The mindmap is a visual presentation of the steps for monetizing websites. Word about the success of his participants at the initial workshop spread quickly, prompting a sequel to the first workshop, entitled Fast Web Formula 2.

The second installment took off from the basic concepts tackled in the first workshop and was more appropriate for seasoned Internet marketers who wanted to boost their incomes and grow their online marketing business.

Speakers at Fast Web Formula 3

A third workshop is now in the works creating a loud buzz in the Internet marketing world as its lineup of speakers indicates the topics to be discussed.

Leanne King: WordPress continues to be a powerful SEO platform for business and Internet marketing. As the leading expert in WordPress, Leanne will show participants how to monetize WordPress sites.

Jen Sheahan: Social networking sites such as Facebook have evolved into highly interactive cyber communities with large populations. With a total membership last counted at over a hundred million, Facebook advertisements are best combined with PayPerClick techniques (PPC) to yield maximum results. Facebook advertising genius Jen Sheahan will show participants how to integrate PPC into the Facebook platform.

Kyle Tully: Kyle is the author of the Consulting Tycoon home study course and training program for offline business consultants. The success of his students is proof of the effectiveness of the method he teaches.

Other experts who are expected to speak at Fast Web Formula 3 include Suraj Sodha, Simon Johnson, Ed Dale, Mike Rhodes, Gideon Shalwick, Andy Grand, Ed Okeefe, James Dixon and James Schramko. Seats are limited so it’s best to register at the earliest opportunity. The Fast Web Formula 3 workshop is happening on October 28, 29 and 30, 2011 at Queensland, Australia.

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