FWF3 Guest Presenter: Jennifer Sheahan

May 20 2011,

Jennifer Sheahan is a Facebook Advertising genius.She is one of the growing number of people whose embracing of internet marketing has allowed her to successfully balance a thriving business with a busy family life.

Jen is a well versed in the nuances associated with PPC (pay per click) advertising, but her focus for the last several years has been modifying PPC strategies for use on the Facebook platform.

Through her thriving business FBAdsLab, Jen is both teaching others how to master the complexities of Facebook Advertising, and offering a done-for-you service for those looking to outsource this important internet marketing task.

Another emigre to Australia (from the US), she lives with her family in Melbourne.

At James Schramko’s FastWebFormula3, Jen will be sharing insights into Facebook Advertising.

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