Features of LiveJam Custom Websites Bespoke Package

July 5 2012,

LiveJam custom websites come in several packs. The one covered here is Bespoke Pack, which is an excellent choice for any business that wants a top-notch custom website which they can extensively customise. Learn more about the features of this interesting pack below.

• Fully Customisable – This is one of the selling points of this pack. As mentioned, there are several other packages offered by LiveJam, but this one seems to offer the most in terms of customisation, which covers basically every aspect of the site, from the graphics to the theme.

• Increased Functionality – LiveJam custom websites from the Bespoke Pack come with enough functionality for a business website, but if you want even more, like a special shopping cart or additional video integration, that can be quickly implemented. So you end up with a website that will have all the features your business requires.

• SEO-Ready – With the Bespoke Pack you get websites that are optimised for Google and other search engines, and that help you rank well from the moment your website is live. SEO is critical if you expect to drive a lot of traffic from search engines.

• Unique design – Not only for your homepage and your page, but also for your blog section. This means that there will be no other website on the web that looks like yours. Having a unique design is critical if you run a business website – your customers will like it.

• Optin and Contact Forms Integration The opt-in form enables visitors to sign up for your newsletter, whereas the contact form lets them contact you with questions about your products or services, or about your location, and so on. Both forms are good to have even if your business is small – in fact, you should have them especially when your business is small, because it’s then that customers usually will ask you a lot of questions.

• Video Integration – LiveJam custom websites come with extensive video integration, which lets you add corporate or personal videos to your website or stream them from YouTube. All the videos are optimised so that they don’t slow down your website.

The LiveJam Bespoke Pack, with its extensive customisation options, is the perfect solution for any business, online or offline, that wants a high-quality unique website. Find out more about the LiveJam Bespoke Pack here!

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