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January 10 2011,

If you, or a member of your marketing team, has been trained in traditional marketing then you have a powerful arsenal of knowledge to help your business grow.  However these days, it is online PR and marketing that are delivering the best results for offline and online businesses, and the very specific strategies used can only be acquired through quality internet marketing training. Chances are, they need to understand the James Schramko FastWebFormula.

Because of its dynamic, constantly changing environment, the internet can be a complex marketing avenue to negotiate.  Up to the minute internet training cannot be acquired in college or university. Why?  Because in the time that it would take a teacher to:

– get ‘up to speed’ with latest techniques,
– prepare course modules and study notes,
– have them approved, and
– incorporate the module into a curriculum

they will already be out of date!

To learn about internet marketing, you, or your marketing staff, need to learn from an expert who has his or her finger on the pulse of what is happening NOW.  New strategies, opportunities and tools are being constantly developed – techniques that are delivering the page one search engine results that every business needs.

Traditional advertising will not reach today’s consumers – online marketing will.  Statistics prove that the first place your current and prospective clients are looking for information is the internet.  And this is regardless of whether you are a local plumber or a Fortune 5 corporation.

If you or your clients do not have an online presence, then they are missing out on the best way of growing their business.

Your marketing staff need to get quality internet marketing training, which can be hard to come by.  But by searching (online of course!) for an expert who is running a course or workshop, then it is worth allocating your training budget to at least one of your staff attending.

A word of warning though – take the time to research the trainer.  Look at their own website and judge the quality of information being shared, comments being made and responded to, and if possible, opt for one who has a support forum to help you stay up to day with new strategies, tools and techniques.

It cannot be emphasized enough though – traditional marketing strategies, while providing a good general foundation, do not meet the needs of a business in the twenty-first century.  Getting top quality internet marketing training does and attending FastWebFormula3 in October 2011 will get you there.

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