Fast Web Formula: The secret to online success

February 2 2010,

If you’re just getting into the Internet marketing game, or if you’re an established player, you can take your business to the next level by attending a Fast Web Formula training event.

The brainchild of Australian marketing mentor James Schramko, Fast Web Formula events condense years of experience in Internet marketing into just a few days. These training events are fun — but intense — ways to boost your core competencies in the field of Internet marketing.

At a Fast Web Formula workshop, you’ll learn vital skills for online business success, such as product creation, service re-selling and affiliate marketing. With these skills, you’ll be able to rapidly build your Internet marketing business into a money making machine.

Schramko is a renowned marketing professional who is sought after on the Internet marketing consultancy circuit. Schramko has build seven figure businesses, and now wants to help others realize the same success he’s been blessed with. At a Fast Web Formula workshop, James will share the same strategies and tactics he uses in his own business. This is like learning chess from Bobby Fischer or the piano from Elton John– an opportunity that can’t be passed up.

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