Fast Web Formula Guest Presenter: Suraj Sodha

May 23 2011,

In 2008 at the age of 22, Suraj Sodha started his first “real” Internet business, with the objective of creating a second income while working as a trainee lawyer in Londong.  He had spent 3 years at University studying for his Law degree and 1 year completing my Legal Practice Course (LPC).

Within 6 months of starting his part-time online venture, he realized that it needed more attention if he was to leverage its growth.  At a time of employment cutbacks in his field, he decided this was the ideal time to leave his job to focus on his own business full-time.

A born networker, Suraj uses offline networking strategies to connect with prospective clients, and it is examples of how he does this that he will be sharing at fwf3sunshinecoast.

Suraj now runs an internet marketing consultancy business, helping his clients to improve their online sales.

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