Fast Web Formula Guest Profile: Andy Grand

May 9 2011,

Andy Grand is a former Swiss Banker (he knows about money!) who is now one of the worlds top affiliate marketers, which is why he has been invited to share his strategies at James Schramko’s FastWebFormula3 in October 2011.

He is a quiet, unassuming man who has set about successfully making loads of money online.

Being heralded as one of Clickbank’s top 100 Super Affiliates is impressive, especially when you consider that Clickbank has more than 45 000 plus products listed and over 100,000 affiliates. In fact,  they process around 30,000 transactions every day to 200 or more countries.

So being officially recognized as one of that company’s top 100 affiliates is exceptional.

Andy is returning to FastWebFormula 3 following his impressive presenation at  Fast Web Formula 2 where he freely shared:

  • How he finds and targets markets
  • How he gets traction
  • How he tests
  • Chooses where and when to compete
  • Optimises
  • Repeats

Softly spoken Andy has something all affiliate marketers need: – the strategies needed to make money online. He also has the demonstrated results to back up those strategies.

SuperAffiliate Guy

In order to teach others exactly how his system for making huge affiliate income works, Andy Grand created a training program “SuperAffiliateGuy”, which was an immediate success.  His students have been given the skills necessary to create an affiliate marketing empire jus like his.

He is not a hyped up salesman. Andy is very clear that it takes work to become a successful internet marketer, but he has short cut the process for the rest of us, by recording his systematic approach to it.

Forum Partner

As a testament to the high regard James Schramko has for Andy, it was he that James approached to be his business partner in the establishment of SuperFastResults – a high end (paid) internet marketing forum. As non-repeat delegates to FastWebFormula3 will likely be given limited free access to this Forum, the event is a great opportunity to meet Andy face to face.

Preview the video and download the information PDF here >>FastWebFormula3<<

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