Fast Web Formula by James Schramko – Key Ingredients

January 7 2011,

Fast Web Formula is a term coined by underground internet marketer, James Schramko. It is used to describe the results of combining core skills with a variety of profit models.

So what are the ‘core skills’?
Those who have been fortunate enough to hear James speak have had an insight into what they comprise.  People who have attended his sell-out Underground Profit System and Fast Web Formula workshops definitely know the ‘core skills’ – in fact they are using them right now to create multiple revenue streams online.

There are very definite strategies that are used to create a FastWebFormula.  Each one on its own is in the public domain, some might say ‘unremarkable’. But by applying them at particular stages of an internet marketing campaign will yield truly remarkable results.

Keyword Research and Market Research

Niche and keyword research are crucial ingredients to any internet marketing venture.  You may have the best product or service in the world, but if research shows that the niche to which it is directed has no proven need for it – then it simply will not sell.  Don’t get emotionally attached to your products, because you will fail to see it impartially.  Let research dictate your direction.


Search engine optimization is another must-have, and your keywords will help tremendously here. By finely targeting one keyword per page on a website, and placing it in clearly defined positions on that page, search engines will reward you with good rankings – provided your content is relevant and unique.

Using a variety of techniques to drive traffic to your website will increase links and bring in buyers. Knowing when to use articles, blogs, social media, interviews, audio, video and other traffic-builders, is one thing, understanding how to leverage however, is one that few people grasp. That is, unless they have been trained in the Fast Web Formula

Internet Marketing Profit Models

Utilizing different models for building an internet business will spread your risk – don’t focus your efforts on one area, like eBay for instance.  The powers at eBay, simply by changing their rules, would have the ability to destroy your business overnight.  This occurred in recent years when they stopped the selling of downloadable products – thousands of marketers went out of business that day!

Affiliate marketing, lead generation, product creation, recurring income streams – all have their place in a comprehensive internet marketing businesses. James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula covers them all.

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