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February 2 2010,

Expert Internet marketing professionals can spend years perfecting their skills in affiliate marketing and other important online strategies and tactics. With Fast Web Formula, you can whittle the learning curve down to just days.

Fast Web Formula is a training course created by Internet marketing mentor James Schramko. Schramko is a sought after teacher for marketing professionals, having built several seven figure businesses on his own online.

With Fast Web Formula, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Internet marketing, such as how to build and maintain a Web site that draws heavy traffic, how to handle the offline side of your business and how to master affiliate marketing. These skills are vital to any online business, and in Fast Web Formula, you’ll learn them in a fast and effective manner. Schramko uses the same precepts he teaches in his Fast Web Formula courses in his own businesses, so you know you’re getting the best strategies available when you attend a workshop.

The competition in Internet marketing is fierce, and online business owners need every advantage they can find to succeed. Rookie and established Internet marketing professionals can make use of Schramko’s tested and proven strategies to propel their business to success.

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