Effective Strategies for Online Reputation Management

September 5 2012,

Reputation Management Authority Review

Reputation is a prized asset which must be protected before it is sullied or managed when it is the subject of negative attack. Brands, businesses and popular names are susceptible to negative feedback and criticism which can easily spread online through social media sites, blogs and discussion forums. While social media managers may address negative feedback by responding to customer complaints or by requesting the site to take down untruthful statements, timing is crucial and potential investors, clients, and employers may find unsavoury remarks before they are taken down or properly addressed. Negative feedback appearing on search results pages can remain for years unless one takes a proactive approach through effective online reputation management.

Online reputation management refers to a combination of techniques for pushing down negative feedback or untruthful statements in search results while boosting the online presence of websites or pages which carry the appropriate message for a business, brand name, or organization. Because these techniques can take years to learn, a high quality service such as Reputation Management Authority aims to provide clients with online reputation management services using its own experienced team and proven strategies.

What Reputation Management Authority can do?

  • Build 3 brand new SEO optimised WordPress websites
  • Create 10 original articles
  • Rewrite original articles into 55 versions
  • Add 3 original posts to each new website
  • Access ten category relevant web 2.0 site profiles and create links to the new posts
  • Create one custom PDF document with text and images
  • Develop one custom high quality video with text, music and images
  • Distribute custom video to various popular video sites and link them to one another
  • Create 1 Press Release ready for submission (submission to PRWeb, an online press release distribution service may be arranged using the Advanced services package)
  • Bookmark all blogs, Web 2.0, press release, video and PDF document
  • Mash RSS feeds and syndicate RSS feeds of all 3 sites at RSS syndication sites
  • Boost each new blog with 3 follow text links from theme appropriate blogs

What you need

All you need to immediately avail of the online reputation management services of Reputation Management Authority are 3 exact keyword match domain names, CPanel hosting logins for each domain name, one key phrase to rank for, and various types of content sources such as text, articles, PDF brochures, images and videos. Reputation Management Authority observes ethical management practices and upon acceptance of client application, starts working for your brand upon the immediate payment of its service fee.


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