Dominate Facebook to drive Internet Marketing success

January 31 2011,

Using Facebook is a low-cost and very effective means of driving sales and traffic for your Internet marketing business. James Schramko, a renowned Internet marketer, recently revealed several tips for making the most effective use of the social network.

Facebook presents a golden opportunity for Internet marketers, as the social networking site draws nearly half a billion users per day. Users of Facebook share highly personalized data, the kind of data big corporations pay data miners millions for, for free, making it easy for marketers to cater to specific groups’ interests and desires.


To get started marketing on Facebook, Schramko suggests thorough research of the product you wish to market. Getting to know the product makes you better able to market it.

Once your research is complete, Schramko suggests setting up simple Facebook ads to promote the product. A low-budget campaign in the range of $10 to $20 per day is recommended. To get the best results, you’re also recommended to low ball on the click budget, even going under what Facebook recommends. If you don’t get any clicks, you can bump up the budget as needed.

You’ll need to create a direct link to the merchant, and if you start hitting the cost of advertising James Schramko suggests building your own site regarding the product or service. Fan pages can be built on Facebook as well, and it’s particularly good for popular items.

You can spruce up your fan page for products with pictures of the product, or smiling happy people using the product. The use of pictures can greatly improve your click through rate. When running your campaign, you’re going to want to build up your click through rate, or CTR. A CTR rate of about .30 is a good benchmark for success.

Internet marketers who become proficient in marketing via Facebook can become Facebook paid marketing experts, doing business with companies specifically interested in taking advantage of Facebook’s unique properties. This can be a very lucrative niche in Internet marketing, but like most aspects of the field it is intensely competitive, so it’s worthwhile to hone your skills and establish yourself quickly in this niche.

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