Custom Website Design Services Versus Ready-Made Templates – Which Is Best For Your Business?

June 29 2012,

If you want to buy professional web design online you have two options: you buy either a ready-made template, or custom website design services. Which option offers the best solution for your business?

Ready-made website templates

These are usually built by companies providing website design services and are sold for a one-time-only payment, or, if long-term support is provided, for an annual payment.

The benefits of ready-made templates

  • Available in many varieties – there are many companies that make them.
  • Easy to use – you can begin using them immediately after your purchase.
  • Great looks – premium website templates usually look stunning.
  • Well-optimized – popular templates provided by reputed web design companies are built using HTML5 and have fast loading times.
  • Customizable – sometimes template providers let you customize the template before buying it.

The disadvantages of ready-made templates

? Not unique – there’s always at least one other individual or company using your template.
? Limited customization – even when you can customize a template you purchase, you still don’t get as many options as when you have a template built specifically for you.
? Price – good templates can be expensive.

Custom website design services

When you buy these, you basically hire a specialized company to build your website from scratch, or if you already have a website, to enhance it. LiveJam is a good example of an Australian-based company that creates professional yet cheap custom websites for individuals as well as for companies.

The benefits of custom website design services

  • Customization to the smallest detail – tell the company you work with that you want your pages to be a specific color or contain specific graphics, and you’ll always get it.
  • High-quality – the top websites in the world are built by web design companies.
  • Excellent assistance – almost always, the team of web designers you hire will help you not only get your website up and running, but also fix any issues that appear with it in time, or add new features to extend functionality whenever need be.
  • A website that reflects your mission statement – to build a website that is an extension of yourself is to either build it yourself, or tell others how to build it for you.

The disadvantages of custom website design services

? Price – website design can be expensive when done by professionals.

In conclusion, ready-made website templates are not bad, but custom website design services are better because they’re more personalized. If you want to create a custom website right now, check out LiveJam’s website packages. They’re professional yet affordable.

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