Count Down For FastWebFormula Early Bird Discount

August 25 2011,

The internet marketing event of the year, FastWebFormula3, is being held in Australia in October 2011.  Although it is still 8 weeks until the three day training kicks off, it is less than one week until the very special early bird pricing offer ends.

When this premium online business event was launched, James Schramko (regarded as one of the most innovative internet marketers in the world) announced a very special pricing offer for early adopters.  Always one to reward action-takers, Schramko’s offer has been taken up by a record number of participants, many of whom are refreshers who have attended FastWebFormula and Fast Web Formula 2.  Such is the value that they place on his cutting edge strategies, they return each year to become up to date with everything happening in the internet marketing world.

Schramko draws upon the expertise of many niche professionals, and FastWebFormula 3 is no different, with specialists in PPC advertising, WordPress, domaining, podcasting and video marketing all on stage TEACHING (not selling!).

James Schramko’s early bird special ends on Wednesday 31 August 2011.  Get the details and book here: FastWebFormula

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