Copywriting tips for guaranteed success

July 15 2010,

Whether you’re a direct marketer or an Internet marketer, good copywriting is essential to your success. Being able to persuade your customers to buy your products or services is the keystone of any sales effort, and if you can’t do this, you may as well get out of the business.

Internet marketers have an advantage in copywriting in that they can try many tactics to see what works. While sales letters can’t be changed once mailed, you can edit and revise your sales sites and create new ones often. This gives you ample practice to perfect your sales techniques.

One quick way to success in sales writing is to follow the advice of legendary copywriter Gary Halbert. Halbert was known for his ability to appeal directly to the emotions of his audience through clear and concise sales writing. Halbert’s key precepts for copywriting included keeping the message short and to the point, being as knowledgeable about the product being sold as possible and using power words to make direct emotional appeals.

Copywriting is like weightlifting, it takes time and focus to develop your strength at it. Gary Halbert was the strongest copywriter of all time, so why not learn from his experience by visiting and reading his advice for free? The only thing you have to lose are bad writing habits.

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