Consulting is BIG business

December 25 2009,

In no other industry is it more obvious that Consulting is huge, than in internet marketing.

Every offline business must aspire to having an online presence if they are to succeed.  Doing business in the 21st Century rarely involves the Yellow Pages, local directories and window shopping.  It revolves around an internet search – and often a purchase is completed from start to finish online.

Even if a visit to a bricks and mortar premises is required, that site is found via the internet.

So how much business is out there for consultants to bring offline business online?  Massive, unprecedented demand, that’s how much. They are not technically savvy, and NEED someone to do it all for them.

James Schramko knows this – in fact it has formed part of his business model for some years.  He has encouraged and nurtured others to do the same.

>> Here is an free interview at Internet Marketing Speed with  Kyle Tully – who is at the coalface of  Consulting, and takes his knowledge to the bank every day.

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