Coming in 2010 – Fast Web Formula. Are You?

December 18 2009,

Internet marketing is a dynamic environment: new tools, strategies and profit models emerge daily.  So it is not surprising that internet marketing expert, James Schramko, creates different products to reflect these changes.

Unlike most of the ‘self-labelled’ experts out there, James actually practices internet marketing, it is his BUSINESS.  And in order to stay ahead of the pack, it is vital that he stays in the loop with what is happening in the IM world.  He does NOT deliver the same content, year after year, in his training programs.  So while Underground Profit Systems was his workshop/training program for 2009, for 2010 it is Fast Web Formula.

FastWebFormula will be released any day now – with the first workshop due to take place in Sydney, Australia, in early March.

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