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July 15 2012,

Many businesses are now aware that in addition to having an online presence, a website must also have top search rankings in order to drive more traffic to its pages. Landing on Google or other search engine’s results pages can be accomplished through effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. Thus, business owners and managers no longer plan for the design and creation of a simple website but save time and money when they buy SEO website development services such as Live Jam.

How search engines rank web pages

Google and other search engines rely on automated programs known as bots, crawlers and spiders to find web pages all around the Web. The crawlers ordinarily view text content and lift keywords or keyphrases found in various parts of the web page such as the page title, meta description, tags, image alt attributes, image file names, headers, and other parts of the web page. These elements form part of the web page’s HTML code, the programming language responsible for rendering a page the way Internet users see it on their browsers. The number of times a keyword appears on the page, its relevance to the subject of the page, and its placement on the page are some of the factors that search engines consider in ranking a web page. Other factors such as site user experience also contribute to search rankings.

Important features to look for when you buy SEO website services

Content management system (CMS): The WordPress CMS simplifies updating website content and makes it easy for search engine crawlers to find published content for indexing. The CMS enables creation of keyword rich page titles, file names, image alt attributes, and tags without the need for prior knowledge in HTML code.

The CMS also promotes quick and frequent content development so that your website will regularly feature fresh content which search engines love.

Easy navigation: Live Jam custom web services features the Thesis themes which are customisable design templates that are easily navigated, providing an enjoyable and easy website user experience for your targeted audience.

Video integration: Videos attract site users and are easily shared in social networks. They also rank well in search engines.

Content development: If you already have an existing website and would like additional services to make it more search engine friendly, Live Jam offers a time-based solution good for 5 hours of technical and website troubleshooting, including content population services.

Save time and expense when you buy SEO website packages for business. Get the best packages from Live Jam to suit your needs whether it’s creating a website from scratch or improving an existing one for driving more traffic to them.

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