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May 9 2010,

Several months ago, James Schramko ran a small workshop for a select group of business owners who were looking to either get online in a new way, or to bring their current businesses online.  Numbers were limited and the room intimate, and the breakthroughs incredible.

I was there and I can honestly say that when I look at the faces who were at this event, and can see how so many of them have now ‘made it’ online, it is simply gob-smacking.

To have access to this internet marketing expert in such intimate surroundings was priceless.

While many were turned away, it doesn’t mean they, or you, have to miss out however. And that’s because the rare video recordings of this 3 day workshop are now available.

The recordings of this massive 3 day event have to be the bargain of the year!

Delegates paid $4000 to attend this workshop – and this is what James tells us they learned:

In this 3 day workshop recording you will discover the following:

– Internet Marketing Overview (How it all fits together)

– Internet Profit Principles (How it works)

– Mindset (How to think like a successful business person)

– Action Steps (What you need to DO to make it)

– Research (I unlock all the secrets of discovering what is hot)

– Content Creation and Product Creation (How top create your own high profit products and services)

– Monetization (How to make the most amount of money possible and all the systems I use)

– Domain names and Hosting tips (So you own the best properties)

– List building strategies (For getting and re-selling clients)

– Testing and Tracking (Getting more out of less)

– Copywriting (You will be a master of this any way!)

– WordPress Blogs (See me build one from scratch and rank overnight)

– Simple websites (See me build a website in just a few minutes…)

– Pre-selling exposed! (I walk you through the pre-sell process)

– Back-end profits (See where to take the sale to increase profits)

– Traffic (This is a COMPREHENSIVE traffic lesson in detail)

– Profit models you can use to multiply your profits (I have tested them)

– Advanced (Watch as I reveal my best lessons on taking it to the next level)

– Mafia Plan (This is my 7 figure blueprint)”

These recordings are available for a very short time only.

>>> Business Internet Formula Recordings

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