Beyond the Basics with an Internet Marketing Mentor

January 2 2010,

Have you attained a certain level of success with internet marketing?  You have the basics and probably could even share your experience with others. If you have been unable to push through to the next level using your tried and trusted fundamentals you probably need an internet marketing mentor as a guide.

To get to the next level you just may need to seek an internet marketing mentor that provides mentoring beyond the basics.  If you are looking for much faster results to get to the next level, one on one personalized mentoring may be just want you need.

What should you expect from one on one mentoring?

  • Customized plan
  • Power growth strategies
  • Proven methods with documented results
  • Connections that only an expert can provide
  • Multiple methods of access to your mentor

Seek a mentor who maintains a client base that allows for personal one on one time.  There are mentors who truly love mentoring and you will find the most success with this type of mentor.  Your success becomes their success.

A mentor that provides various levels of mentorship with distinct programs for different levels of internet marketing provides the best help to push through to that next level.  Mentorship is not a one size fits all.  When you desire to move to the next level you will need more than just the basics.

In fact you may have to be at a certain monetary level of success to qualify for the expert level of advanced mentorship.   If you are not at the level that would qualify for these services there should be other levels of mentorship available that can provide what you need to accomplish your goals.

One-on-one mentorship can provide the direct support and path for your internet marketing success in moving to the next level.

James Schramko, is identified in the internet marketing world as one of the most creative and knowledgeable people in this industry.  The experts call him for advice.   James has taken his mentorship services to the next level offering private mentorship to those who qualify.

James Schramko opens up some one-on-one mentoring spots but not everybody qualifies.

This private internet marketing mentor will assist you in reaching to the next level of internet marketing. For normal coaching see SuperFastResults but for intermediate to high level you need this service. Places are strictly limited

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