Becoming An Offline Business Consultant

December 31 2009,

Great minds think alike. That’s why James Schramko and Kyle Tully both agree that when it comes to offline business consulting, experience is important.

Offline business consulting is essentially working to help other businesses beef up their traditional marketing efforts. While a lot of attention is being paid to online marketing efforts these days, traditional print, television, radio and more unorthodox guerrilla marketing efforts remain a key component of any business’s marketing strategy.

Schramko and Tully firmly believe that offline business consultants need a firm grounding in the basics of marketing. For folks new to the offline business consulting game, copies of Dan Kennedy’s No BS books are essential to developing necessary marketing skills.

Importance of Broad Experience

While experience is important, you don’t have to know every single technical aspect of marketing to see success in this field.

The key is to be a jack of all trades. Offline business consultants should know a little bit of everything concerning the technical aspects of their field. Most clients understand relatively little about marketing and how it works, so with just a smattering of knowledge concerning each aspect of your marketing effort, you’ll be able to substantially impress the folks with whom you want to do business.

Once you get the job, you can outsource many of the more complicated technical aspects of the marketing work you’ve been hired to do.

The most lucrative offline business consulting jobs you can land are recurring fee jobs. To create this work, you need to draft a business plan that allows you to offer continuing services. By creating a constant need for yourself and your services, you create a constant income for your business. When offering offline business consulting services, make sure that what you offer includes a maintenance plan or other recurring service to insure a steady stream of income.

If you lack experience in offline business marketing, getting some is just a matter of finding a program or a mentor that can help you fill the current gaps in your knowledge.

James Schramko is a leading figures in the online marketing world with a very lucrative offline business consulting business. He is regularly sought after by big corporations for his skill and expertise in marketing. Schramko offers an acclaimed marketing program known as SuperFastResults.

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