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June 17 2012,


Your website’s ranking in Google search results is based in part on the quality, quantity and relevance of other websites that link to it, also known as website authority. External web pages that link to a website help provide clues about its subject matter, quality and popularity. Buying links, participating in linking schemes or getting unnatural links, however, are not effective strategies and can demote a website in Google search results. The ideal way to become an authority in your market is to build natural links using James Schramko Spaghetti Bowl traffic building strategies.

Authority Builder Program

Becoming an authority in a specific market involves a series of techniques the combined effects of which include massive publicity, increased awareness and popularity, multiple traffic streams, natural inbound links, consistent targeted traffic and better online business. The underlying strategy is to create original, relevant and high quality content (articles, videos, PDF files) that can bring the promoted website the right kind of links.

Spaghetti Bowl is a done for you service, perfect for the busy business owner or manager. Developed by a well trained team, this specialty service comes in various packages to suit most types of businesses and needs. Among their done for you services, the Authority Builder Program stands out for its ability to improve not only site traffic but more importantly, for establishing the website as an authority in its market. This means improved search rankings for a longer period, and with better immunity against constant Google algorithm changes.

What it includes

Article syndication: Specially written articles incorporating your targeted keywords or keyphrases are created by an efficient team of content writers. You get fresh, relevant and original content which will attract your intended audience and Google crawlers.

Content submission: Get massive Internet exposure as the articles are submitted to over 1000 private networks which meet Google’s current SEO guidelines.

Custom video creation: Videos attract more visitors, rank well in search results and have viral potential in social networks. In-house designers will create a custom video featuring your business or product and will be distributed to high ranking video sites such as YouTube.

Social network publication: Articles, the custom video and PDF will be distributed in social networking sites for better social signals and obtaining natural links. Content will also be distributed in numerous Web 2.0 sites such as Blogger and WordPress.

Other activities done for you include RSS syndication, Ping for every link, and bookmark for each post.

Search engine optimization is a complex strategy made even more challenging following Google’s constant algorithm changes. You understand the need for SEO but its implementation can be confusing and overwhelming with its hundreds of details that appear like a bowl of spaghetti when plotted on your whiteboard. Leave traffic generation and search visibility to the experts and get solid results from Spaghetti Bowl’s Authority Builder Program now.


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