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January 6 2010,

To become an expert you must have knowledge the will help someone else or solve a problem for someone.   There are benefits to being considered an expert internet marketer.
There are some milestones you must reach to acquire the title of expert.  The proof is in the pudding you might say.

* Do your internet marketing sales say you are an expert?
* What does your website traffic look like?
* Do the visitors at your site become clients?

If you answered yes to those questions, you just might be an expert!   If you didn’t answer yes, then take the time to work on your internet marketer skills and perhaps consider signing up with an internet marketing coach to get you to that next level.

To establish yourself as an expert be willing to step out of the crowd and answer some questions for someone, identify some problems and offer solutions.  Write some articles, write an e book, call into TV or radio talk show programs.  Take and make every opportunity to get your name recognized.

Look for speaking engagements at schools, organizations, or advertise a workshop and provide education to others.   Set yourself up as the expert for what you know.  Mentor someone with your experience.   You may just suprise yourself of what you have to offer others.

Use of the Media

Attend social events

Submit articles or write an e book

On the road to being an expert you must feel comfortable marketing yourself

Experts take ownership for being the expert

Experts are have mastered time management

Experts remain Professional at all times

Experts are not intimidating and present their opinion

If you have been involved in internet marketing and desire to be a notable expert, perhaps a coach would be a great opportunity to reach the next level of coach.
James Schramko, expert internet marketer and internet marketing coach, is opening up some one – one coaching to assist you moving our company to the next level.   Spots are very limited.

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