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March 13 2012,

If you want to build the passive income you need to kick back and enjoy the good life, working to become a super affiliate is the golden ticket to success.

Gaining super affiliate status is reaching the apex of the food chain in the world of Internet marketing. When you are a super affiliate, you get to set the terms of your compensation, instead of having online merchants setting it for you. For most Internet marketers, it’s the evolutionary goal of the journey they began when they chose to set their own financial destiny by entering the world of Internet marketing.

How It Works

In affiliate marketing, you get paid based on the sales you generate for merchants by putting ads or links to their sites on your site. For every sale that derives from your site, you gain a commission. Individual commissions may be small, but if you generate a significant number of sales for a merchant or merchants, your income can appreciate considerably.

Super affiliates are affiliates who generate a substantial amount of revenue for their merchants. The larger the share of the super affiliate’s contribution to the merchant’s revenue stream, the more leverage the affiliate has to negotiate commissions and other terms with the merchant. To move from affiliate to super affiliate, you must be able to draw large amounts of traffic to your site, and convince your visitors to buy from your merchants.

Living The Dream

Becoming a super affiliate isn’t rocket science. It’s exercise science. To pump yourself up to super affiliate status, you must be willing to put in the hard work and sweat equity necessary to build your online business to the point where you’re calling the shots. Here’s a few strategies you can use to get you on your way:

– Live, eat and breathe keywords. Keyword research and use drives traffic to your sites. Be prepared to spend a lot of time learning to use keyword analysis tools to find the right keywords for your sites and using them in ad copy, e-mail advertisements and product reviews to help direct people to your sites.

– Technical competence. To get the most out of your sites, they have to work. Be ready to quickly resolve any problems you have with your sites, including broken links and faulty code.

– Post daily. To keep the traffic flowing, you have to keep your sites fresh. Post new content and material to your sites as often as possible to keep people coming back for more.

These are just a few tips that can help you become a super affiliate.

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