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March 24 2011,

Obtaining a professional-looking website has always been associated with being tech savvy and huge costs for development and maintenance. Small businesses and startup companies often postponed plans for establishing an online presence because of these. As a result of fast-paced innovations in Internet technology, web applications, tools and solutions such as LiveJam have increasingly become affordable leaving no excuse for anyone not to have a website.

The brainchild of Australian Internet marketing expert James Schramko, LiveJam was created primarily for more business owners and individuals to be able to get their own websites.

A LiveJam website is built around the WordPress platform and takes full advantage of its CMS (Content Management System).


Wordpress is currently the leading blog platform because it is user and search engine friendly. Updating its contents is easily accomplished, a benefit that allows site owners to respond promptly to market changes and implement measures to counter competition. The CMS provides important SEO support making on-page SEO a breeze even to a new user.

LiveJam Websites is backed by an excellent team of programmers and designers who can customize a website to match the business’s image and objectives in the very popular bespoke premium website build offer. A variety of plugins can be installed to promote e-commerce such as adding an opt-in page, creating a contact list, integration with important social networks, and shopping cart integration. In addition, WordPress users have ready access to hundreds of plugins continuously being developed by reliable programmers.

The best news about LiveJam Bespoke websites is its affordable pricing making it possible for anyone to own a business website these days.

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