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February 23 2010,

James Schramko recently interviewed Bond Halbert, son of the man known as the greatest ever copywriter, Gary Halbert.   In the interview, Bond talked about his father’s ability to find a way to successfully write compelling sales copy for just about any product or service made him a copywriting legend.

Here are some more interview insights:

Gary’s methods have been picked apart and analyzed by Internet marketing and direct marketing professionals the globe over. Some of his best work is available to read online for free at

Halbert offers direct, no-punches pulled advice on how you can improve your copywriting to make more sales. Halbert’s advice includes gems such as how to use power words to appeal to customers’ emotions, how to make every word in your sales copy count and how to cannibalize existing sales copy to incorporate what’s working now into your work.

One key bit of advice offered by Halbert is to focus on simplicity and clarity. Avoid use of fancy $5 words and focus on delivering your message as directly as possible. People don’t have time to waste reading flowery language when deciding to buy something. The lengthy sales letter is more likely to be tossed by the wayside than the one that’s short and to the point.

To see and hear the full (free) interview with Bond Halbert visit James Schramko’s blog.

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