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June 29 2010,

The tickets to James Schramko’s second and final FastWebFormula workshop for 2010 have just gone on sale, and if pre-sale interest is any indication, it will be quickly sold out.

Fast Web Formula 2 promises to deliver intermediate to advanced internet marketing strategies, and while it is not designed for beginners, Schramko has paved the way for even novices to get the pre-training necessary to benefit.

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Business Internet Formula Digital Recordings

This workshop was held in 2009 and was designed specifically for business owners.  Over 3 days James Schramko coached this intimate group of first-time internet marketers in the intricacies of leveraging the internet for their businesses.  Of those who attended, many had offline ‘traditional’ marketing skills, and needed to learn how they could be applied to internet marketing – recognizing that this was the way of the future for all businesses.

The companies who invested in their staff attending this event have reaped the rewards of learning cutting edge strategies that position their businesses ahead of their competitors.

Particularly suitable to business owners, access to the digital recordings of this 3 day workshop (for which participants paid $4000 each) are included in the purchase price of Fast Web Formula 2.  This is the perfect way for marketing departments to fully grasp the concepts involved in successful internet marketing, and the ideal grounding for attending FastWebFormula2.

Fast Web Formula 1 DVDs

Included in the ticket price (which reflects the high calibre IM experts involved) are the DVD recordings of FastWebFormula 1 which was held in March 2010.  Many of the people attending FastWebFormula2, to be held in September 2010 in Sydney, Australia, cut their internet marketing teeth in this three day workshop.  However by owning the DVDs (and there are 12 in the set!) beginners are able to watch it as many times as they like to ensure they really grasp the concepts covered.

The audience paid around $3000 to attend this event, but the DVD recordings will be sent to FastWebFormula2 purchasers for free.

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Private Forum Access

James Schramko’s private members forum, SuperFastResults, is one of the most exclusive in the internet marketing world.  It is populated by internet marketers of all levels, and information, strategies and techniques are freely shared.  James is in the Forum daily, and some impressive local meet up groups have been formed to take the forum to the face to face local level.

Two months access to the SuperFastResults forum are included in the ticket price for FastWebFormula 2.

Free Video

To give an insight into what James will be covering in FastWebFormula 2, James has prepared a video that takes viewers through his journey and what he revealed in previous trainings.  He also outlines exactly what clients receive when they enrol in the September 2010 3-day workshop.

In this video, he also reveals the impressive list of guest experts who have offered to share their knowledge – John Carlton, Ed Dale, Kenny Goodman, Dave Wooding, Kyle Tully, Kerry Finch, Steve Brossman, Yaro Starak, Brian Johnson, Steve Ovens, Leanne King, Dean Hunt, Peter Parks – and the team from

There is absolutely no obligation attached to this video – but it could be the most valuable investment in time you will ever make.

View it here >>FastWebFormula2<<

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