Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques at James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula2 Workshop

July 1 2010,

As an Internet marketer, keeping up with technology advances requires continuous learning of the latest internet marketing techniques to stay on top or ahead of your game. With so many tools and resources being sold online, it can take months of trial and error to find and settle with the right techniques. That’s why internationally renowned Internet marketing expert James Schramko recommends attending live seminars like Fast Web Formula 2 to cut through the chase and get the latest and most cutting edge strategies to boost your business.

Time is of the essence in Internet Marketing

As with most businesses, taking action soonest is key. Time wasted in testing the wrong tools and techniques is money wasted as well because investing in effective strategies enables you to boost your income immediately after implementation.

About Fast Web Formula

For an expert like James, there’s a winning formula for Internet marketing success. And it consists of various tools, resources and strategies that he has tried, tested, and refined to ensure that they work in every situation. These he taught to fellow marketers in a live workshop early this year dubbed as “Fast Web Formula”.

The astounding success of the previous workshop inspired him to gather a heavyweight cast of experts in various fields of Internet marketing to teach in Fast Web Formula 2.

What you will learn

During this three-day event, you will learn the latest and most advanced methods, all of which are indispensable for marketing success. Here are some of them:

* article marketing
* copywriting
* domaining
* leveraging
* outsourcing
* lead conversion
* research
* content creation
* video marketing

This live intensive workshop is intended to enhance your basic knowledge of Internet marketing and is not for beginners. But if you sign up for this event and study the topics found in the DVDs of the first workshop that come free with the registration fees, you may be able to catch up with the discussions of the second workshop.

Who should attend?

The following with intermediate and advanced marketing skills will definitely learn priceless techniques:

* Internet marketing consultants
* Offline marketers
* Company marketing officers
* Marketers for small and medium businesses; and
* Anyone selling Internet marketing services to clients

Meet James Schramko and his panel of experts at the Fast Web Formula 2 workshop on September 10, 11, and 12, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Seats are limited so early registration is encouraged.

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