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December 17 2009,

James Schramko and his forum partner, Andy G, have created something very special with SuperFastResults. It is the ultimate internet marketing resource, whose members include the famous Raymond Aaron, and the devilishly clever buzz marketer, Dean Hunt.

Crowd sourcing internet marketing information is priceless – especially from a group of focussed, well-trained (or being trained) and vert motivated members. The SuperFastResults members are becoming masters of their own niches, and operate in the variety of profit models that James Schramko supports. Whether it is website flipping, consulting, providing website building services, bringing your own offline business online, or, affiliate marketing (one of the easiest to get into, but difficult to make big money with).

The SuperFastResults Forum is jam-packed with instructional videos – if someone asks a new and tricky question, its can be just hours before James or Andy (or one of the other members) makes a how-to video and posts it. James also runs weekly webinars for his members, and records each one. They can all be found within the walls of the Forum, to be played and replayed whenever members feel they need a refresh.

Forum members around the world have formed meet-up groups so that they can get together face to face and chat to their peers about things their families and friends may know nothing about. Conversation with like-minded people – very motivational!

Membership to the SuperFastResults Forum is by invitation only, and a waitlist is kept. Every so often the doors will be opened, and those on the waitlist will be invited to join. However, for a limited time (and the offer may be closed by the time you read this!), James and Andy are offering 14 days trial membership for just $1!

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